Bomarc Economical Series: Bringing Efficiency Within Reach

Bomarc Economical Series

The Alfa Robot Bomarc Economical Series presents a compelling solution in industrial automation, offering cost-effective robotic solutions that deliver exceptional performance without compromising on quality. As businesses continuously seek ways to enhance productivity and efficiency, this specific offering from Alfa Robot brings efficiency within reach for industrial operations of all sizes. A Quick Look at […]

Chen Hsong MINIJET Series: Optimising Part Design and Quality

Minijet Range

Chen Hsong MINIJET Series is the smallest tonnage injection moulding machines offered from Chen. In modern manufacturing, injection moulding offers a versatile and efficient method for producing quality plastic parts and components. As industries continue to demand greater output in their manufacturing processes, this series from Chen Hsong effectively meets customers evolving needs. Injection Moulding […]

Alfa Robot Redstone Series: Driving Consistency in Injection Moulding


Improve injection moulding consistency with the Alfa Robot Redstone Series. Available at BES Sales, drive efficiency and quality in manufacturing today. Injection moulding can be improved significantly with the Alfa Robot Redstone Series. This process is a widely utilised manufacturing process for producing plastic components with high precision and efficiency. However, maintaining consistency in the […]

Swing Into Action

Improve production lines through Phoenix Swing Arm Robots. Available at BES Sales, discover how they enhance efficiency, maximise uptime, and ensure quality. Phoenix Swing Arm Robots are one of the innovations that can optimise manufacturing processes. These products offer an unparalleled solution to keep production lines moving smoothly and efficiently. Explore how these robotic systems […]

Chinaplas 2024: The World’s Leading Plastics and Rubber Trade Fair

  BES Sales Australia Pty Ltd in partnership with Chen Hsong will be attending Chinaplas 2024 from April 23rd to 26th, forging business relationships and connections as one of the leading Injection Moulding Equipment and Machinery providers in Australia. Chinaplas 2024, taking place from April 23-26 in Shanghai, is set to be one of the […]

Chen Hsong MK6 PRO Injection Moulding Machine:

JM-Mark 6 PRO

Deliver precision parts with demanding tolerances with Chen Hsong MK6 PRO injection moulding machine, available at BES Sales Australia. Take advantage of Chen Hsong MK6 PRO injection moulding machine. Many manufacturing companies are maximising this innovative injection moulding machine as it can easily meet the demand for parts with exacting tolerances and overcome challenges that […]

Seek Quality Injection Moulding Machinery from BES Sales Australia

Installation and Commissioning Services

Opt for top-notch injection moulding machinery from BES Sales Australia. Explore our range of machines for quality and reliability in manufacturing operations. In Australian manufacturing, securing a good injection moulding machine supply is necessary to produce the needed parts for various sectors. With reliable and high-quality injection moulding machines, parts needed by the automotive, medical, […]

First MK6 PRO series machine on board to Australia


We are excited to present the first of many new MK6 PRO series toggle machines to hit the shores of Australia. Chen Hsong has set a new standard in excellence, with automatic lubrication and grease pumps, a central manual pump for the injection unit, drip trays for the hydraulic blocks to keep your factory clean […]