Chen Hsong MK6 PRO Injection Moulding Machine:

JM-Mark 6 PRO

Deliver precision parts with demanding tolerances with Chen Hsong MK6 PRO injection moulding machine, available at BES Sales Australia.

Take advantage of Chen Hsong MK6 PRO injection moulding machine. Many manufacturing companies are maximising this innovative injection moulding machine as it can easily meet the demand for parts with exacting tolerances and overcome challenges that are associated with it.

Supplied and Sold by BES Sales Australia

At BES Sales Australia, we recently secured and sold and secured a significant deal and sold a Chen Hsong MK6 Pro injection moulding machine to a prominent manufacturer in Australia. We are truly confident that with the acquisition of this moulding machine, our client will be able to streamline their production processes and enhance output quality. With superior clamping force, precise control systems, and a user-friendly interface, the machine is expected to boost productivity and reduce operational costs. We are proud of the product that we provide to help businesses grow further and we are your trusted partner in injection moulding solutions.

For more information regarding Chen Hsong MK6 Pro, we introduce some of its significant features below:

The Injection Moulding Process

The Chen Hsong MK6 PRO is an injection moulding machine capable of generating high-quality parts. This machine is known for carrying out injection moulding, a process that involves injecting molten material into a mould cavity that subsequently solidifies to form the desired part. The key to successful injection moulding is achieving precise control over factors like temperature, pressure, and cooling rates.

This offering from Chen Hsong serves as a game-changer in injection moulding. Renowned for its advanced features and unparalleled precision, this state-of-the-art machine sets new standards in manufacturing excellence. Equipped with innovative technologies and meticulous engineering, the MK6 PRO is designed to produce parts with demanding tolerances consistently.

Features of Chen Hsong MK6 PRO Injection Moulding Machine

Four vital factors are being redefined by Chen Hsong MK6 PRO. They are ergonomics, precision control, quality, and performance.

•  Ergonomics: The Chen Hsong MK6 PRO first redefines ergonomics. The machine appears modern and pleasing, making it compatible with the latest designs of manufacturing plants. It also features user-friendly control, veering away from the complicated operations of traditional injection moulding machines. The structural design of the machine has also been optimised through its high-strength construction. Lastly, it has a glowing logo to symbolise the future of plastic processing.

•  Precision Control: Many internal components make Chen Hsong MK6 PRO highly capable of processing plastics without any issues. For one, it takes advantage of next-gen intelligent computer control to generate lightning-speed responses, ultra-high precision, and exceptional repeatability. It is likewise intelligent as it uses Chen Hsong’s proprietary motion-control algorithms that allow for fewer machining errors.

•  Quality: The machining capability of MK6 PRO has been improved by Chen Hsong with the addition of top-of-the-line design language. A highly optimised and advanced toggle, for instance, has been added to secure up to 0.01mm precision. Smooth stress distribution across the machine can also be achieved thanks to its proprietary Circular Platen design. It also utilises a high-strength machine base to improve structural stability, reduce deformation, and enhance torsion resistance. Ultimately, its ability to retain highly precise control over speed, pressure, and temperature allows the machine to process different types of resins and exotic engineering plastics.

•  Performance: All components and capabilities of MK6 PRO allow the machine to perform better than its competitors. It has a 21% faster dry cycle than the competition, bringing immediate financial return. It also has a closed-loop precision pressure control within ±0.5%, ensuring good part quality and high yields. It likewise utilises high-precision linear potentiometers, enabling superior low-pressure mould protection that’s effective with obstacles thinner than 0.1mm.

When it comes to precision manufacturing, the Chen Hsong MK6 PRO has truly redefined the standards of quality and performance. To invest in one, contact us at BES Sales Australia.

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