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BES Sales Australia Pty Ltd

Chen Hsong, proudly represented by BES Sales Pty Ltd, stands as your local Australian supplier with a rich legacy spanning over 40 years of combined technical expertise in the Injection moulding industry. As a family-owned and operated business, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions and personalized service.

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Why Chen Hsong?

Established in 1958, Chen Hsong has been at the forefront of the Injection moulding industry for over six decades. Since 2011, we have strategically partnered with Mitsubishi, leveraging their 65 years of experience and collaborating with Japanese experts to craft a versatile range of injection moulding machines. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our machines are not only reliable but also affordable, meeting the diverse needs of any application.

BES Machinery Sales Services

Comprehensive Services

At BES Sales Pty Ltd, we don’t just provide cutting-edge injection moulding machines; we offer a holistic approach to your business needs. Our Melbourne-based partner company, Bosh Electrical Services Pty Ltd, along with our team of contract service technicians spread across Australia, ensures that your machinery runs seamlessly. From breakdown services to routine maintenance, we are committed to keeping your operations running smoothly.