Bomarc Economical Series: Bringing Efficiency Within Reach

Bomarc Economical Series

The Alfa Robot Bomarc Economical Series presents a compelling solution in industrial automation, offering cost-effective robotic solutions that deliver exceptional performance without compromising on quality. As businesses continuously seek ways to enhance productivity and efficiency, this specific offering from Alfa Robot brings efficiency within reach for industrial operations of all sizes.

A Quick Look at Bomarc Economical Series

Bomarc Economical Series can be paired with all types of injection moulding machines ranging from 50-350T clamp force, for product and runner takeout. With the option of single-stage or telescopic stage arms for factories with height requirements. A sub-arm can also be added for three platen moulds to take out the product and runner at the same time.

When you maximise this series, expect to gain an increase in productivity, a decrease in defect rate, and an improvement in operation safety. You can also accurately control the output to reduce waste.

Bomarc Economical Series: Major Features

Some notable features and components of the Bomarc Economical Series are as follows.

•  Telescopic stage arm: Maximising high rigidity linear slide rail and aluminium alloy structural beam, the telescopic specially designed belt mechanism can greatly shorten the structural height of the vertical arm. It not only increases the speed and stability of the vertical arm but also allows cooperation with the low height of the factory.

•  Structure: The main structure of this tool is comprised of crosswise and vertical arms, with high-rigidity linear slide rail and aluminium alloy structure beam. This structure can meet the requirements of fast speed, less vibration, long service life, and easy part interchangeability.

•  Pressure detection: The anti-falling cylinder of the Bomarc Economical Series can pop out to stop the robot arm from falling when power or air pressure fails.

•  AC servo motor: The traverse axis of Bomarc Economical Series is driven by an AC servo motor, working with a precision gearbox and belt that makes the robot quick. It also allows for precise positioning and the repetition placement of ±0.1mm.

Major Benefits of Bomarc Economical Series

Many benefits are associated with the Bomarc Economical Series.

With this series, businesses can significantly enhance their operational efficiency. These tools are designed to perform a wide range of tasks with speed, accuracy, and consistency, allowing companies to automate repetitive processes. The Alfa Robot Bomarc Economical Series is then engineered with a focus on affordability, making these solutions accessible to businesses with varying budgets. Despite their economical pricing, they are built to deliver reliable performance and precision, helping businesses streamline their injection moulding operations and achieve higher levels of productivity.

Since they are built with high-quality materials and subjected to stringent quality control measures, these robots are engineered to withstand the rigours of industrial environments and deliver consistent performance over time. Businesses can rely on these robots to operate seamlessly day in and day out, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

The Alfa Robot Bomarc Economical Series, that are available from BES Sales, offers cost-effective solutions that empower businesses to enhance productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness. With a focus on reliability, versatility, and ease of use, these products are well-suited for a wide range of injection moulding applications across various industries.

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